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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update: Suspect identified

The shooting suspect is identified as Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood, date of birth 1-21-78.

Eastwood will have his first court appearance at 10 a.m. Wednesday where he will be advised of the charges against him. He will face at least two counts of attempted first-degree murder, with more charges likely to come.

The Sheriff’s Office is not yet releasing a mug shot.

The suspect was apparently at the school prior to today. He was also briefly inside the school today shortly before the shootings, which took place outside.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will be on-site at Deer Creek Middle School through Wednesday, and possibly longer.

Update: shooter, victims

The shooter, who is in custody at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, is identified as a 32-year-old male. His name is not yet being released. At this time his association with the school is unknown.

Victims' names are not being released or confirmed by the Sheriff's Office because they are juveniles and victims.

There are no additional injuries to any other people other than the two student victims.

Update: shooter was detained by school staff

The shooting suspect approached students outside the school as classes were being dismissed for the day. He fired two shots on the school's lawn before being tackled by a school staff member. School staff took his weapon from him and restrained him until deputies arrived.

The victims are a 7th grader and an 8th grader at the school.

Update: victims, weapon

Both victims of today's shooting were Deer Creek Middle School students. They were both transported to Littleton Hospital. Medics describe their injuries as non-life-threatening.

The weapon used in the shooting was a high-powered rifle; it has been recovered.

Both students were apparently shot outside the school.

Shooting at Deer Creek Middle School

Victims are confirmed as one juvenile male and one juvenile female. One student was outside the school; one was inside the school.

The suspect is in custody; he was not injured.

Students are currently being released from the building in groups as deputies check and clear parts of the building.

Shooting at Deer Creek Middle School

On February 23, 2010 at about 3:15 p.m. a call came in to the Sheriff's Office regarding a shooting at Deer Creek Middle School, 9201 W. Columbine Dr..

Two victims were wounded and have been transported to the hospital.

An adult man is in custody.

The school is in lockdown mode; children and teachers are still in the school. Deputies are also inside the school.

Students will be evacuated to Stony Creek School at Geddes and Everett.