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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update: suspect information

The suspect, Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood, has been living with his father in Hudson, Colorado for about five years.

He is unemployed and works for room and board on his father's ranch.

Eastwood has been attending community college on and off, working toward his GED.

The high-powered hunting rifle used in the shooting belongs to Eastwood's father. Live rounds were found in several places on school grounds.

The suspect was cooperative during his interview with investigators.

Investigators will be interviewing school staff members today, with the aid of a map, to determine where they were and what they observed.

Dispatch 911 tapes are not available to media as they are still under review by investigators.

The suspect is not available for media interviews based on his housing status in the Jefferson County Jail.

Suspect name correction: Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood. "Strong Eagle" is two words.