If you or someone close to you has a disability or requires special assistance, please call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 303-271-0211. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A message to Golden area residents

Indian Gulch Fire operations are still ongoing, but fire activity is significantly reduced and the fire is 77% contained.

The men and women involved in the Indian Gulch Fire response would like to extend our thanks to local residents, for your patience and support. We know that the road closures and restrictions have been frustrating, and at times confusing. We’ve talked with many of you in person, by phone and via e-mail. We appreciate the patience and understanding you’ve shown throughout this long and stressful week.

Additionally, fire crews have enjoyed a wave of support. Citizens have dropped off food, beverages, personal hygiene items, socks, and other supplies, all of which have been put to good use. Local businesses have offered free food and coffee to the firefighters between shifts.

Investigators continue to follow up on leads regarding the origin of the fire. The Sheriff’s Office urges citizens to report any suspicious activity they may have witnessed on Sunday morning that may be related to the fire: 303-271-5612.

Climate experts predict a difficult fire season ahead. All Jefferson County residents are urged to sign up to receive e911 calls on their mobile and VOIP phones. The Sheriff’s Office uses the e911 system in an emergency to contact residents. Traditional land line phones are automatically registered. Please visit the Sheriff's Office website to learn more or register.

Now that fire activity is winding down, expect to see fewer updates on the sheriff’s emergency blog.