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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Social Media Information Outreach Strategy

The beginning of any incident is typically the busiest and most information filled period. As such our social media engagement during the last few days has been high. As the incident goes forward and becomes more stable the need for rapid updates will slow relative to our prior pace.

This means that the frequency of our posts and tweets will slowly decrease in proportion with the stability of the incident. Be assured that we will continue to post and tweet each new pertinent update in a timely fashion.

Ours is a digital age where Social Media must be fully engaged. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office realizes that our information sharing strategy has differed from traditional press release based ‘pad n paper’ media outreach.

As with any strategy, we are continuously assessing our impact and how we can improve what we have already accomplished. Our internal tracking and statistics show that there have been over 2 million hits on our Lower North Fork Fire map posted on the emergency blog. We have had 300,000+ hits on the emergency blog during the duration of this incident. The number of people following the @JeffcoSheriffCo twitter account has more than quadrupled during this incident. With these numbers we believe that our strategy is working but we certainly are fully dedicated to continuously trying to improve our interaction with the community.

We will continue to provide updates via the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Emergency blog (www.jeffcosheriff1.blogspot.com). We will also continue to post updates via twitter using @JeffcoSheriffCo.

Don’t have a twitter account? Or don’t know how to use twitter? All you have to do is visit www.twitter.com/jeffcosheriffco . Click on the link and you will see all of our recent updates (tweets). You do not have to create an account to see the tweets.

Thank you for engaging with us during this incident. We look forward to completing our social media conversation as the incident begins to further stabilize.