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Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest on State Highway Road Closures from CDOT

From the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT):
As you are aware, parts of our state are experiencing historic flooding with catastrophic damage to the transportation network. To say what has happened over the last week and over the weekend is unprecedented is an understatement.  As of today, we know that we have lost 30 state highway bridges, with damage to 20 more, and another 20 structures that can’t be reached for inspection.  As state elected officials, we would like to share with you the latest in our recovery work and where to find the up-to-date information on highway closures. 
Teams of Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) maintenance and engineering personnel worked through the weekend to assess infrastructure condition.  CDOT crews are continuing to evaluate infrastructure to ensure public safety and provide estimates on what lies ahead for the recovery and reconstruction.  Once conditions are safe, it will take several weeks to determine the actual extent and cost of damage to our highway system.   A special team from the Vermont Department of Transportation is already in Colorado to share lessons and best practices from their monumental recovery from Hurricane Irene.  In addition, CDOT is organizing regional meetings with local partners to determine the full extent of the impact from this historic disaster and to coordinate rebuilding efforts. Recovering from the flooding will be the biggest challenge in our 100 year history, and perhaps the biggest challenge CDOT will face in the next 100 years.
Below you will find links to the latest information we have regarding closures.  Please note that the closures below are only for state highways and interstates. Cities, counties and towns may have closed additional roads in their specific area.  For safety reasons, CDOT is recommending that travelers do not stop on the highways to view the water or roadway damage.

You can also find roadway and travel information at www.cotrip.org and on your mobile device with the CDOT Mobile App.  To download CDOT Mobile, simply text “CDOT” to 25827 or search CDOT Mobile in your App Store