If you or someone close to you has a disability or requires special assistance, please call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 303-271-0211. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lower North Fork Fire Update: 3/28/12 1630:

The Lower North Fork Fire is now 15% Contained

Firefighter crews have been able to achieve 15% containment on the fire. The current affected area has been updated to 4140 acres. Air crews have dropped over 4100 gallons of retardant on the fire today.

The number of damaged structures remains at 27. We have been able to notify owners of 26 of the structures.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office provided an opportunity to those owners of confirmed impacted homes to be escorted to their residences earlier today.

The Urban Search and Rescue Team is still focused on finding the sole known missing person.

A citizen briefing is still scheduled for 5:00 PM at the W. Jefferson Middle School.