If you or someone close to you has a disability or requires special assistance, please call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 303-271-0211. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Blue Bell Fire Update

This will be the final blog post for the Blue Bell Fire incident.

The fire is 100% contained.  Firefighters will continue to be in the area for a few days as they complete the final mop up operations.

At 8 PM 6/4/13 all evacuation and road restrictions were lifted.

At 8 PM 6/4/13 the Jefferson County Incident Management Team passed control of the incident to Evergreen Fire.

An information line has been set up and will remain active as long as there is a need.  The recorded information line can be reached at 303-271-5800.

Additional information regarding this incident can be obtained via www.jeffcosheriff.com.