If you or someone close to you has a disability or requires special assistance, please call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 303-271-0211. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Update from the Incident Commander

The following is an update provided by the Incident Commander Bill Easterling.

Incident Commander Bill Easterling opened the meeting by stating that the community "Should be proud and thankful to have Chief Weege" working with Evergreen Fire.  Yesterday and today 140 firefighters have been fighting the fire.  As a result no homes or structures have been lost.  There have also been no injuries to any of the fire fighters.

Easterling told the attendees that the goal is to get all homeowners back into their homes beginning at 8:00 PM.  He did caution that this was a goal but not a promise.  He stated that the decision to lift the mandatory evacuation will be made "if we feel it is safe enough for you to go home".  The Incident Commander defined safe by stating, "if it safe enough for you to shut your eyes and go to sleep tonight without worrying".

Easterling took some time to explain the difference between a containment line and a control line.  He stated that the fire is 100% contained but it is not controlled.  A containment line is a small line that surrounds the fire to help prevent fire spread.  A control line is a line that will prevent the fire from passing the line under any foreseeable circumstances.  There continues to be burning fire within the perimeter therefore it is important the line be a control line before lifting any additional evacuations.

The best way for homeowners to know when they can return?  Continue to follow on Twitter and on this blog.  Residents can also call 303-271-4930 to obtain this information.

The estimated fire size remains at 15-20 acres.  This number will be updated as accurate numbers come in from the field.

There are currently 360 homes without power.  The goal is to restore power by 8:00 PM prior to lifting the mandatory evacuation notice.  IREA does have a generator in the area to provide back up power to some homes.

The area supervisor for Century Link attended the meeting and stated that the infrastructure in the area is intact.  He provided his contact information in case anyone should have any questions: Tim Vanni: 303-596-9178.