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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update from the Evergreen Metro District

From the Evergreen Metro District web page as of 9:00 a.m. Sunday:

It is raining in the area and the stream flow is increasing slightly.  We will continue to monitor stream flows.  The sewage collection system is running at peak levels, particularly through the lower areas along creeks and drainages.  As a result, the District would ask that you please try to limit the amount of water you use in your homes to prevent further overtaxing of the sewer system.  Sections of Upper Bear Creek still are inundated by flood waters.  The downtown area is open to vehicle traffic.  The drinking water system remains good.  Water quality in Evergreen Lake has improved slightly from yesterday.  We have increased the dosage of chlorine in the treatment process; although there may be a chlorine taste and or odor, the drinking water is safe and will remain safe.  The Evergreen Dam is being watched and is safe; there is no threat of failure of the dam.  The District will update information as conditions change.